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Sunflower Daisy Sunflower Daisy 23 February

Wiki Adoption

Hello, I'm Sunflower Daisy and I'm going to adopt this wiki since there hasn't been any wiki admins on the wiki for a while now and I'm interested in adopting the wiki and becoming its new admin in the future.

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Theta444 Theta444 10 February 2016

Miracle Girls Festival DLC Future Plan For Hanayamata

This Blog Was Request & Planned For Only Hanayamata Girls & Songs On Miracle Girls Festival For the Future Plan!!

Hanayamata Girls Is All New One For Miracle Girls Festival : 

Naru Sekiya

Hana N.Fountainstand

Yaya Sasame

Tami Nishimikado

Machi Tokiwa

With Costume Set : 

Yosakoi Uniform

Summer Uniform

And New Single For Hanayamata On Miracle Girls Festival : 

The Flower Danced and Carved in Colors (Hana Wa odore ya irohaniho) Opening Song Of Hanayamata)

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Seira9876 Seira9876 26 May 2014


Hi!!! Minna!! I'm Seira9876!! AS i want this wiki to become popular i want all of u too work together n i'm looking forword to it.


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