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Hana N. Fountainstand
Hana N. Fontēnsutando
Age 14
Birthdate May 2nd
Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Height 144cm
Weight 39kg
Blood Type AB
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Minami Tanaka
English Voice Luci Christian
Manga Hanayamata Chapter 1
Anime Hanayamata Episode 1

Hana N. Fountainstand (ハナ・N・フォンテーンスタンド Hana Enu Fontēnsutando) is the deuteragonist of Hanayamata series. She is a foreigner from Princeton, New Jersey who moved to Japan, being there for short in her childhood. Once she returned, she meets with Naru Sekiya where she introduces her to the world of Yosakoi that she becomes the creator and president of the Yosakoi Club.


Hana is a short and petite girl, standing at 144 cm with thigh-length light-blonde hair that has a blue triangle-shaped hair clip on the left side with shoulder-length hair strands hanging on either side while she has a bun on the left side/a ponytail on the right side and blue eyes.


Hana is a very energetic girl who is fascinated with Yosakoi that she frequently gets over-excited and dances in rather dangerous places. However, she does not fail to support her friends at a moment's notice. Being a very active child, Hana's active energy seems to irritate Yaya Sasame, who took a dislike to her for a while after they encountered. She also depicts a very determined personality, not giving up on the search of yosakoi members in the beginning. She is also very positive when comes to yosakoi, often cheering Naru Sekiya up when Naru makes a mistake.


Hana has been to Japan in her childhood who watched Yosakoi for the first time and she admired the dancers. Now, back in the present, she is back in Japan and wants to start her own Yosakoi club.



  • Hana's favorite flower is the bluestar.
  • Hana shares many similarities with Alice Cartalet of "Kin-iro Mosaic," another work published on Houbunsha's Manga Time KR Comics label.
    • Both of them are the "heroine" of their respective stories.
    • Both of them are foreign, having blond hair and blue eyes, the shortest one of their respective main casts.
    • Both were referred by the protagonists (Naru Sekiya and Shinobu Ōmiya) as "fairy" and "angel" during their respective encounters.
    • Both ended up transferring to the protagonists' class.
    • Both of them are fond of Japanese culture.
  • Hana forms the Yosakoi Club and becomes its first member, followed by Naru, Tami, Yaya and Machi.

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