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Girls Style
Hanayamata - 03 02.19.png
Gāruzu Sutairu
Storyboard Kiyoko Sayama
Episode Director Hideki Hosokawa
Animation Director Masaki Hinata
Japanese Air Date

July 21, 2014

Opening Dancing in the Scent of Flowers
Ending Snowflake
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Jealousy Rose Princess, Princess

Girls Style (ガールズ・スタイル Gāruzu Sutairu?) is the third episode of Hanayamata anime series. The episode premiered on July 21, 2014.


Naru and Hana again visit the Yosakoi Masaru shop run by Masaru Ōfuna, who later proves to be quite hospitable despite his intimidating appearance and offers some beginner yosakoi tips.

Learning of an upcoming yosakoi festival, the girls resume their recruiting efforts, but are informed by student council president Machi Tokiwa that in order to be recognised an official club, they need at least four members and an advisor, this makes Naru frustrated. After Sally handles the issues of a few student, Hana approaches their homeroom teacher, Sally, who tells them to get two more members before asking about becoming their advisor. During the weekend, while Hana and Naru practices Yosakoi, they meet up with Tami and Hana is introduced to Naru's childhood friend, Tami, who shows an interest in their performance.

The next day, Hana shows up at Yaya's soba restaurant, crashing in on Yaya's plans to watch movies alone with Naru. Yaya ends up hanging out with Hana, hearing from her about how she wants to make the most out of her life by doing fun things, only to completely miss her date with Naru and makes the latter furious.

The next day, Machi appears before the girls, informing them they are not allowed to use the rooftop to practise without permission. 


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  • The yosakoi song featured in this episode is "Home of the Heart" (ココロフルサト Kokoro Furusato?), composed by Nobuyuki Nakamura, arranged by Takahisa Suematsu, with Akanemaru as the supporting team.

Major Events[]

  • Hana and Naru successfully enters the Yosakoi shop, and get to know the things they need to dance.
  • Machi warns Hana and Naru about the terms on establishing the club and usage of the rooftop only with permission.

Cultural References[]

  • The scene where Hana and Naru tries to 'infiltrate' Masaru's shop is a direct reference to James Bond's films.

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