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Machi Tokiwa
常盤 真智
Tokiwa Machi
Age 14
Birthdate August 5th
Sign Leo
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Weight 50kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Manami Numakura
English Voice Carli Mosier
Manga Hanayamata Chapter 1
Anime Hanayamata Episode 1 (minor)

Machi Tokiwa (常盤 真智 Tokiwa Machi) is the student council president, the younger sister of Sari Tokiwa and a close friend of Tami Nishimikado.


Machi has neck-length caramel-brown hair, caramel-brown eyes and wears red framed glasses.


Whilst generally strict, Machi is particularly weak to sweet things, as well as Tami Nishimikado's general requests. She is initially hostile towards Sally for leaving home, but she soon comes to understand her true feelings and joins the yosakoi club.

Drama CD[]


  • The name Machi means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "wisdom, intellect" (智) (chi).
  • Machi's surname Tokiwa means "always, ever" (常) (toki) and "board, record, tray, shallow bowl" (盤) (wa).


  • Machi's favorite flower is sunflower.
  • Machi became the fifth and final member to join the Yosakoi Club.
  • Machi appears in every episode except "Jealousy Rose", "First Step" and "Try, Try, Try".


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