Naru Sekiya
関谷 なる
Sekiya Naru
Age 14
Birthdate April 2nd
Sign Aries
Gender Female
Height 150cm
Weight 45kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Reina Ueda
English Voice Caitlynn French
Manga Hanayamata Chapter 1
Anime Hanayamata Episode 1
Naru Sekiya (関谷なる Sekiya Naru?) is the main protagonist of Hanayamata series. She is a very normal student who is average on her studies, and sports and with a common social life who is inspired by Hana N. Fountainstand to dance Yosakoi.


Naru has a plain style when she is at school, but her colorful choices outside of school reflect her inner fantasy. The navy blue blazer of her school uniform is closed, unlike Yaya, Tami, and Hana's. She has a petite frame and is also quite a short girl, standing at 150 cm. Her dark violet hair is cut into a bob that is tied in small pigtails behind her head, and she usually wears a hairpin on the left side of her bangs (or fringe). This is either two hair pins in the shape of small yellow flower, or one slightly larger pink flower. It could be said that her face is heart shaped. Her eyes are purple and she blushes a lot.


Naru is very much of an introvert and is thoroughly engaged in her own world, therefore, making friends for her can be very difficult. She loves reading fantasy, especially about princesses, but she does not think that she can be dazzling. Since she is already good at doing what she is used to doing, she is initially resistant to changing her own behavioral patterns, even if it would lead to a more favorable outcome. For example, she is very conscientious what people say and think about her. Even when focusing on things she cares about, she can be very clumsy, but usually in a very comedic way. She also blushes extremely easily, because she works very hard to be accepted in public.

On the other hand, she is very good at observing how others are doing emotionally. Regardless of how she views herself, she views others in an unusually positive light and will share her opinions to encourage them. Therefore, altruism and idealism can essentially describe her inner thought life - which reflects the fantasy content that she regularly consumes.

Though clumsy, shy, and silly at times, Naru will push through her own resistance to change in order to experience her greatest dream, which is to achieve something "above the normal".


Naru is a 14-year-old middle school sophomore. She has been best friends with Yaya Sasame since elementary school and has known Tami Nishimikado since childhood.


  • Her favorite flower is the cherry blossom.
  • She shares her voice actress with Lilie Shirogane from Aikatsu Stars.

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