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Yaya Sasame
Sasame Yaya
Age 14
Birthdate June 1st
Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Height 158cm
Weight 48kg
Blood Type A
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Kaya Okuno
English Voice Monica Rial
Manga Hanayamata Chapter 1
Anime Hanayamata Episode 1

Yaya Sasame (笹目 ヤヤ, Sasame Yaya) is a supporting main character in the Hanayamata series. She is Naru Sekiya's best friend who has both brains and beauty, but messy handwriting. She is talented in playing drums and sometimes write songs for her band, Need Cool Quality.


Yaya has wavy waist-length purple wavy hair that has short bangs stopping above her eyes with a big black ribbon on the left side and golden eyes.


Yaya is overprotective towards Naru Sekiya to the point of calling Naru "hers" and has tsundere-like tendencies despite not actually being a tsundere.

She often displays a cool personality,which Naru looks up to. But underneath the cool display, Yaya can actually be a crybaby if she wants to. When Hana N. Fountainstand left Japan, Yaya was seen crying harder than anyone else even though she disliked Hana during the first few episodes.


Yaya was the only person that Naru Sekiya befriended ever since her childhood apart from Tami Nishimikado.

Drama CD[]


  • Yaya's surname Sasame means "bamboo grass" (笹) (sasa) and "eye, ogle" (目) (me).


  • Yaya's favorite flower is a rose.
  • Yaya works at her parents' restaurant.
  • Yaya became the fourth member to join the Yosakoi Club.



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